What does the skin analysis include?

To gain comprehensive insight into your unique skin needs, the formulas we personalize for you start with a two-part skin analysis:

  1. The skin profile includes a series of questions about your skin goals, lifestyle and environment. Whether you live near an ocean or the mountains, rigorously exercise, or work at home in front of a computer screen, we take it all into account.
  2. The at-home skin test will ship directly to you, so you can easily measure your skin type, condition and barrier health from the comfort of home. It is a quick test that uses paper strips pressed onto your cheeks and forehead, and you’ll input the results into your Pure Culture account (no need to send anything back to us in the mail!).

We’ve been in the skincare industry long enough to know that the one-size-fits-all approach just doesn’t work. That’s why we’ve flipped the industry’s standard - instead of starting with a product, we start with YOU.

Why do you require an at-home skin test as part of the skin analysis?

The key to effective products is understanding what your skin really needs, which is why we created the at-home skin test to learn about your skin. Along with the information shared in your skin profile questionnaire, your skin test allows us to choose ingredients that help you reach your skin goals, achieve a healthy barrier, and build a flourishing microbiome.

Still curious why self-reporting isn’t enough? Well, part of what we test for (barrier health and skin condition) are immeasurable to the naked eye. We also test for skin type, because we’ve found that only 25% of our customers correctly identify their skin type. Many of these people have historically used the wrong type of products for years, and the skin test allows us to change their skincare narratives with formulas that finally support their skin needs.

How long does the skin analysis take? Do I have to mail something back to you?

The skin analysis takes about 15-20 minutes, from start to finish. There’s no need to mail anything back to us - just log your results in your Pure Culture account.

The skin profile is a questionnaire on our website, and we’ll mail the skin test kit directly to you to complete at home when you are ready. Here’s how the timing breaks down:

  1. Skin profile: Plan on 5-10 minutes to complete your skin profile on your website account. If it’s easier for your schedule, you can complete the skin profile before the at-home skin test is delivered.
  2. At home skin test: Reserve about 10 minutes for your at-home skin test. For best results, we recommend doing the at-home skin test first thing in the morning, before you wash your face or apply products.
When will I get my skin analysis results?

As soon as you complete both parts of your skin analysis, we’ll analyze the data to customize your skincare formulas and routine. You’ll get to review the benefits and ingredients of your formulas in your Pure Culture account right away.

The products you purchased along with your skin test will get customized and ship automatically. You may receive some additional custom formula recommendations too, which you may add to your cart and purchase separately at any time.

When should I re-test my skin or update my skin profile?

Our lifestyles and skin are ever-evolving, which means your formulas may need refinement over time. We will check in regularly to see how you’re doing, but please reach out anytime at support@pureculturebeauty.com when something changes with your skin or lifestyle. You may need to re-test if your skin condition has changed, or update your profile to reflect a life event such as moving to a new climate.

How does reformulation work?

Skincare is an art and a science. We believe we have the science down, but there are sometimes unforeseen variables.

Our purpose is to provide clean, custom skincare for everyone and as part of that mission, we offer a one-time reformulation. If you have any concerns about your results, please email us at support@pureculturebeauty.com and we’ll work together to refine your formulas.

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