How do I activate the kit I purchased from Target?

Inside the kit you purchased from Target, you'll find a unique activation code which you can redeem here to get started.

After you redeem your code and activate your account, you will be able to start your skin analysis. If you have any questions about how to redeem your code, email us at 

When will I get my custom skincare?

You'll need to activate your account and complete your skin analysis before we can customize your formulas. Here's how it works:

      1. Click here to redeem your unique code and activate your account.
      2. Test your skin at home and log your results in your account — no need to mail anything back.
      3. Once you complete your skin analysis, we'll customize your skincare and autoship the formulas you purchased as part of your kit.
Do I have to pay to ship my custom skincare?

Nope, shipping is included with your original purchase. Once you complete your skin analysis, we’ll prepare your prepaid formulas and ship them directly to you at no additional cost.

Are your products Target Clean?

Yes, we are Target Clean and surpass the requirements with our strict standards for clean, sustainable products. Click here to learn more about our ingredients. 

Are there any differences between the formulas you sell at Target and on your website?

No matter where it's most convenient for you to purchase your starter kit, our skin experts formulate from the same selection of active ingredients and formula technologies to support your skin goals. To learn more about the ingredients we use for each skin goal, click here

Every Pure Culture starter kit will include an at-home test, and your choice of prepaid custom formulas — custom serum only, custom cleanser & serum, custom serum & moisturizer, or a 3-step routine of a custom cleanser, serum & moisturizer.

Where do I reorder my custom formulas?

To reorder your custom formulas, you can either purchase a new kit from Target and contact for instructions, or purchase directly from your account. 

If I buy a custom serum first, can I buy additional skincare later without taking another skin test?

After purchasing the custom serum and completing your skin analysis, you will receive additional formula recommendations for your skin. Your prepaid serum will ship automatically, and you will have the option to order your custom cleanser, moisturizer or other recommended formulas at any time.

What is the return policy for Target purchases?

Purchases made at Target stores on on are not returnable and non-refundable after opening the skin test kit, as stated on the packaging. For more about our reformulation policy, click here

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